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        Online Expo of CERAMICS CHINA 2021 Offers 30 days Screen-to-Screen Connect for Global Ceramic Indus

        發布時間:2021-07-05     作者:管理員     瀏覽:1368     字號:    


        Following the recent postponement, the Organizers of CERAMICS CHINA 2021, China Ceramic Industrial Association (CCIA) and Unifair Exhibition Service Co Ltd (Unifair) officially announced that the physical event – CERAMICS CHINA 2021 was rescheduled to July 27 - 30 (Tuesday to Friday) 2021, while the Online Expo - VIRTUAL CERAMIC CONNECT (VCC) to July 27 at 10:00 - August 26 at 17:00, Beijing time (July 27 - 30 for exhibition live webcast, July 31 - August 26 for rewind and post-show communication).



        VIRTUAL CERAMIC CONNECT is the online version of CERAMICS CHINA 2021 created by CCIA and Unifair in cooperation with MESSE MUENCHEN, and powered by CERAMICS CHINA, INDIAN CERAMICS ASIA and CERAMITEC, which integrates all kinds of existing resources and enjoys a high reputation worldwide.


        Breaking away from traditions, VCC is offering a full English version online trading platform with multiple features, including cloud display, cloud live webcast, real-time interaction, prefixed appointment and smart matching, allowing exhibitors and buyers conduct trade talks more effectively when the world is most looking forward to recovering from the COVID-19 outbreak.


        Highlights and Benefits of VIRTUAL CERAMIC CONNECT

        VIRTUAL CERAMIC CONNECT connects more than 300 outstanding exhibitors and over 5,000 global buyers into one place for business networking, where loads of latest products and technologies provided by exhibitors are at the fingertips. Accurate search function helps buyers find their target products conveniently whereas exhibitors search for the potential customers effortlessly. Various interactive modes allow real-time interaction and appointment-making with no time and space constraints. In addition to visiting CERAMICS CHINA online, the platform provides 30 days x 24 hours rewind to ensure attendees enjoy every second of it.


        Furthermore, VCC reveals the developing status of the ceramic industry from a global perspective, bringing together outstanding companies from all over the world to showcase advanced technologies and innovative products including production & processing technology of sintered stone and slab, automation/intelligent production lines, digital factory solutions, a new generation of ceramic decoration ecosystem, green technology and sustainable solutions, innovative raw materials and functional materials, etc.


        To ensure that the first VIRTUAL CERAMIC CONNECT achieves the expected results, the Organizers will fully mobilize all available resources by uniting ceramic associations and industry media from India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and Argentina, and inviting relevant companies in the global ceramic industry to visit and exchange online.


        If you are a foreign friend in China, welcome to our physical show, which is guaranteed with extensive health & safety measures to make in-person contacts with leading tech manufacturers and get access to the latest technology trends; If you are at abroad, VCC will be the critical choice to connect with exhibitors and achieve purchase requirements.


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